Our specialties

Conveyor belts for any application

Bandtransport Europe (BTE) offers the right conveyor for any application, anywhere in the world. Whether you need a simple conveyor belt or looking for a solution to a long-standing problem, Bandtransport Europe has the solution that will take you forward. For more than 30 years, we have been experts in the development, production and fabrication of conveyor belts. We deliver high-quality products that improve your efficiency and effectiveness. We continuously remain at the cutting edge of the latest developments, ensuring that you will always receive an excellent product.


Gentle and fast handling with Needle Belts

When harvesting, sorting and washing delicate vegetables, fruit and potatoes, it is important that products are handled gently. 

In addition, the flexible needles keep the products firmly and stably in place, enabling higher belt speeds. Available in blue, black and white.

Bespoke coating: The flexible solution

Sometimes there is no standard conveyor belt type for a certain application. In such cases the addition of an extra coating on Bandtransport Europe's own coating line can provide a bespoke solution. 

Many possibilities with 'Profiling'

Bandtransport Europe supplies smooth conveyor belts and conveyor belts with a profile. On our own profiling machine we apply profiles and offer the possibility for customized solutions.

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Beetroot time!

Are you already taking stock of your machines and installations for the famous sugar beet campaign?
Harvesting, feeding or the final processing of the sugar beet into sugar? 
Maybe Bandtransport Europe can help you in one or more of these stages.  
it has an extensive range of conveyor belts which are used in all these stages and each has its specific requirements.